Call to organizations of the popular movement and all the people to join the “big general strike”

Call to organizations of the popular movement and all the people to join the “big general strike”

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Tegucigalpa. The Regional Committee of the General Strike today, issued its bulletin number one, in which it summons all the organizations of the popular movement and the people, to “ join in the big general strike in defence of our sacred rights won in historical struggles ” .
It was announced that the strike is in the preparatory stage, and already the Central Strike Committee has been organized, in addition to the strike committees for the North, Central, South zones and the committees of the base organizations.

The general strike

US Foreign Policy stripped bare. Colombia's aggression collapses with the departure of Uribe.

US Foreign Policy stripped to the essentials. Colombia's aggressive foreign policy collapses with the departure of Uribe.

By Francisco Dominguez
Secretary Venezuela Solidarity Campaign

The already bad relations between Venezuela and Colombia took a turn for the worse after the accusations made by the outgoing Uribe government's OAS representative, Luis Hoyos, who charged the Venezuelan government with harbouring Colombian guerrillas (1,500) and allowing guerrilla camps (85) inside its territory. The "evidence" - which has been pretty discredited - for this batch of accusations -as with previous ones- also came from the eight 'magical laptops' seized by Colombian military forces in an illegal military attack in March 1, 2009.

Radical Film Premiered in Nimbin!

Radical Film Premiered in Nimbin!

A surprisingly involved and interested two dozen Nimbinese turned up to the Australian premiere of  “We are not Afraid”  (‘Quien Dijo Miedo’)  - documentary video by independent film maker Katia Lara and producer Carlos del Valle, pulled out of the media blockade against Honduras.

The independent Venezuelan and other film crews were evicted by the coup regime, leaving only CNN-sanitised news that tried to convey the impression that ‘everything is normal’ (except for a few troublemakers, of course).

Those ‘not afraid’ to stay away from this seminal documentary on a cold Nimbinese winter evening did not regret the experience. The video will be shown in all the major cities of Australia over the next month. And perhaps on SBS national TV.  Fingers crossed. …



To the brotherhood of all the people of the world, to their social and political organizations sharing the ideal of a world free of injustices and inequities that mutilate the dreams of our societies, we ask you all to join the GREAT CAMPAIGN FOR THE PEOPLE OF HONDURAS.

On the 30th of July the General Assembly of the Organisation of American States will call a special meeting to deal with the “case of Honduras”. We know that the Department of State of the United States of America lobbied to pressure many countries to vote in favour of the reincorporation of HONDURAS without taking account of the fact that our people are confronting the conditions of the most brutal repression and human rights violations.

Is there a smoking gun? - Possible US complicity in Honduras coup

Honduran suspicions of US complicity in the coup (part one)

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Adrienne Pine on provides links to new articles on the website of the Frente de Resistencia, along with audio links and emails circulating that relate to suspicions of US foreknowledge about the coup d'etat of June 28, 2009.

This is the kind of discussion that US commentators routinely reject out of hand as too fantastic to be given any attention.

But in my experience, the Hondurans who are taking these questions seriously are not impressionable: they include a wide range of highly educated people who find it hard to credit that the US was taken entirely by surprise and had no knowledge of the planned coup in time to intervene. This leads to the conclusion that the US did know, and chose to look the other way or even actively endorse the coup.





In the first months of the brutal coup in Honduras on June 28 last year over two million Hondurans came out on the streets in protest, largely ignored by the mainstream media.

Katia Lara and Carlos del Valle grabbed their cameras and started shooting. Soldiers were firing live rounds into the crowds on the Tegucigalpa streets. A year later Katia Lara (working in exile) has released a devastating documentary. The first Australian showing (with English subtitles) will be here in Nimbin at Djanbung Gardens on Friday 23rd of July. Warming soup and hot drinks available from 6 pm for a 7 pm screening.
(Admission will be by donation to cover costs and to send donations to the Resistance Front in Honduras)National Itinerary below:

'Smoking Gun' found indicating US complicity in Honduras coup?

Honduran suspicions of US complicity in the coup (part two)

Hitherto, most of the evidence of US complicity in the coup has been 'circumstantial'  - the presence of certain individuals in Honduras in the week leading up to the coup, little 'slips' by the ambassador ... but apparently there are some documents in existence somewhere, which may soon come to light.

(reprinted from Honduras Culture and Politics blog site)

The second story posted today stemming from the interview with Roland Valenzuela, now circulating by email and on the internet, cites the mechanism by which Valenzuela said he gained access to papers from the planning of the coup:

The coup d'Etat was planned by Honduran businessmen in an Arab emirate

The assassinated ex minister, Roland Valenzuela, for the ousted president Manuel Zelaya, denounced, on "San Pedro Sula by Night", that the coup d'Etat in Honduras was planned by a group of six Honduran businessmen, who coincided in attending a fair in Dubai, one of the seven Arab emirates.